Key West Deep Sea Charters

key-west deep sea charters

Our Key West fishing charters specialize in deep sea fishing. This refers to any fishing that occurs in the ocean, regardless of how deep the waters are. Most of our fishing takes place in depths ranging between 50ft and 1 500ft of water, and you are sure to have a fantastic adventure when deep sea fishing with us in Key West.

A variety of different fish can be caught on our deep sea fishing charters in Key West. Some of the most spectacular fish swimming off the coast are regularly caught by us such as tuna, dolphin, sailfish, snapper, swordfish, shark, kingfish, wahoo and grouper. Let us know if you wish to catch a specific type of fish. All our charters are private and we can customize your trip to focus on them. Sometimes certain fish may be biting when others are not. In these cases, your captain may recommend targeting another fish instead. This means that even on a bad day, deep sea fishing in Key West is always phenomenal.

You will have the opportunity to fish in various places off the coast of Key West. We frequently catch fish on reefs, wrecks, drop offs and even in the extremely deep waters of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. We can use different equipment and techniques depending on the fish you wish to catch, and where we are fishing. Specific methods can be focused on depending on which fish are biting and the length of your trip. We can experiment with them all, ensuring that there is never a dull moment onboard our Key West deep sea fishing charters.

Most hotels and resorts in Key West are conveniently located near our docks. Some are even within walking distance.

Call today to book your Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charter and discover what lurks in the ocean depths.