Key West Tuna Fishing

key-west tuna fishing

Tuna are one of the most commonly requested fish to catch among our Key West fishing charter customers. These fish are extremely popular for numerous reasons. Anglers are presented with a challenge that is exhilarating and highly rewarding - and this experience comes highly recommended. Also among our fishing captains’ favorites, tuna in Key West are absolutely thrilling to catch.

Off the coast of Key West, tuna are thriving. They are found in abundance and the most common are yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna. These amazing fish are incredibly powerful and they are phenomenally fast. Their aerodynamic bodies are optimally designed to catch small fish at speeds nearing 40mph underwater. When a tuna takes your bait you will certainly feel it. You will even hear it. Our Key West fishing charters catch them while trolling or kite fishing and we use both frozen and live bait with fantastic results.

Not only are tuna one of the most exhilarating fish to catch in Key West, they are also among the most delicious. The increased demand for sushi means that yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and bluefin tuna have risen in popularity. This is happening globally and commercial fishermen are enjoying the benefits of this profitable industry. A bluefin tuna once sold in Japan for an astounding $400 000, which may help to explain this.

Our Key West fishing charters are frequently asked if our clients may eat their tuna immediately once caught. This is extremely messy on the boat, even though fresh tuna is immensely tasty. It is more hygienic and easier to clean for you once we are off the boat. Our friendly fishing charters will clean, fillet and package your tuna into zip lock bags for you when we get back to our docks in Key West.

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