Key West Tarpon Fishing

key-west tarpon fishing

Tarpon are an iconic fish in Key West because they are really intense fighters and extremely powerful. Known to leap and jump high out of the water, as well as flip and roll in the hope of breaking our lines, tarpon are elusive and cunning. These beautiful and enormous fish are found inshore on rivers, canals and ocean inlets, which is why Key West is one of the best places to catch them.

Documented over eight feet in length, most of the tarpon that we catch in Key West range between five and seven feet and are as heavy as 250lbs. Blue and green colors tinge their silver scales and cover their entire bodies. Common in the Atlantic Ocean, tarpon are found all along the eastern coastline of the United States. In Key West, we catch them throughout the year but winter and spring is definitely the best time to target these fantastic fish. Their numbers increase exponentially when those up north migrate south to escape those cold waters.

Although using live bait is more expensive and tends to attract all types of fish, our Key West fishing charters prefer using live shrimps, crabs and pilchards to catch tarpon. Live bait ensures the best tarpon fishing results, even though they can be caught on frozen bait, lures and artificial baits as well.

Our Key West fishing charter clients regularly request small boats with light tackle when targeting tarpon, but we can use any of our larger boats as well. Tarpon can be caught on all types of equipment but they are immensely powerful and are known to overpower cheap equipment.

These fish are so highly regarded in Key West that many charter operators focus on catching them exclusively. Most of our fishing captains have their own secret tarpon waters and they all specialize in catching these awesome fish. Their knowledge and experience will be shared with everyone onboard, ensuring you have a strong advantage when fishing for tarpon on our Key West fishing charters.

Call us now to book your Key West Tarpon Fishing Charter and prepare for their sheer strength.