Key West Swordfish Fishing

key-west swordfish fishingSwordfish are absolutely awesome fish and are one of the most thrilling fishing charters that we offer in Key West. Found at depths ranging from a few hundred feet to thousands of feet, reeling these enormous and powerful fish through the ocean is a challenge beyond compare. Even the strongest anglers frequently beg us to assist them with our electric reels. We definitely suggest this exhilarating experience and recommend not missing it when you are in Key West.

Easily identified by their long bill or “sword”, these amazing fish are frequently caught by us in Key West weighing anything from 200lbs to 500lbs. Their bill is used to slash and kill their prey, instead of spearing them as is commonly believed. Our Key West fishing charters have found using squid as bait to be the most successful for catching these gigantic beasts.

In Key West, swordfish are caught throughout the day and night. This is why we often recommend targeting these massive fish for anglers who wish to do some night fishing. Off the coast of Key West, swordfish are found much farther offshore in extremely deep waters. This is unfortunately out of range for our shorter fishing trips as it takes us a great deal more time to reach their fishing areas. Our boats burn more fuel and have additional costs, which is why these trips are advertised at more expensive rates in Key West.

Swordfish are extremely tasty. After we cut them into steaks for you at our docks in Key West, we suggest grilling them. Alternatively, you can take your catch along with you to some of the best seafood restaurants in Key West. Their chefs will prepare your swordfish in the most delicious way and their set prices are cheaper than ordering dishes off their menus.

Call us today to book your Key West Swordfish Fishing Charter and experience their extreme power.