Key West Snapper Fishing

key-west red snapper fishingFishing for snapper in Key West is a great deal of fun and catching these amazing fish is extremely popular in the area. Less equipment is required, which makes catching snapper less complicated than targeting other types of fish. The red snapper, yellowtail snapper, red porgies and vermillion snapper are only a few of the snapper varieties that thrive in the waters off the coast of Key West.

Snapper are found schooling in the wrecks and reefs off Key West. We drift live shrimp in the water, which is more expensive than other types of bait and tends to attract all kinds of fish. This is why we much prefer fishing for snapper in reefs with clear water and a fast-flowing current. In wrecks, the areas where fish congregate are denser with all types of fish because they are smaller. Targeting a specific fish, such as the snapper, becomes more difficult in these conditions.

Our fishing captains and crews have grown up fishing for snapper in Key West. Their knowledge and expertise is invaluable and they continually share it with every angler onboard. If you have never caught snapper before, you will soon become very acquainted with them. You will have the opportunity to perfect your snapper fishing skills if you are a more experienced angler. Either way, you will have fantastic times when fishing for snapper with us in Key West.

Another reason why fishing for snapper is so popular in Key West is because of their taste. These extraordinary fish are absolutely delicious and they are served by seafood restaurants in the area. Commercial fishermen target them to supply these establishments. Recreational anglers and fishing charters catch them in order to have a thoroughly enjoyable dinner. Take your catch along with you to some of the best seafood restaurants in Key West. Their chefs are true experts and their prices are cheaper than ordering dishes from their menus.

Call now to book your Key West Snapper Fishing Charter and delight in catching your dinner.