Key West Kingfish Fishing

key-west kingfish fishing

Regardless of which length fishing charter you book with us in Key West, there is always a great opportunity to catch kingfish. These amazing fish are caught fairly close to shore, which means we do not have to travel far at all. This makes them a particularly good option for our shorter Key West fishing charters.

Kingfish are incredibly fast and their immense speed competes with wahoo. This makes catching kingfish extremely exhilarating for our Key West fishing charter clients. We troll for kingfish, using both frozen and live bait with equal success. These fish are extremely intelligent and are acutely aware of the way their natural prey swims underwater. They are also known to bite off the tail ends of your bait. This is why it is so important to use the correct equipment and rig it properly.

Our Key West fishing charter crews have mastered all the skills required to catch these thrilling fish. Having grown up fishing for kingfish, their knowledge is invaluable. You will have a solid advantage when fishing for kingfish with us in Key West, because they will share their expertise with everyone onboard.

Silver in color, kingfish have scaly bodies and belong to the mackerel family. Otherwise called King Mackerel, they range in size between small and medium. In Key West, kingfish are caught weighing anywhere from 5lbs to 30lbs and we catch them throughout the year. The best time to go fishing for them is during April and May because those from the north migrate into the area during the summertime.

Unfortunately, not everybody enjoys the taste of kingfish. Their flesh tends to be too oily for most tastes. The locals of Key West do not usually dine on them, but there are many people that do. You will need to decide for yourself whether they are tasty or not. Catch one and try it.

Contact us to book your Key West Kingfish Fishing Charter and enjoy their incredible speed.