Key West Grouper Fishing

key-west grouper fishing

Fishing for grouper in Key West is easily one of the most popular activities in the Panhandle of Florida. These extremely powerful fish are found feeding near the ocean floor. We go bottom fishing to find grouper, and the challenge of catching them requires reeling them in through the depths of the ocean. Anglers in Key West are never disappointed with their strength and fighting spirit.

There is a variety of grouper swimming off the coast of Key West. The most common of these is the gag grouper and the goliath grouper. These phenomenal fish are extremely easy to identify by their stocky bodies and large, gaping mouths. Interestingly, grouper have no teeth lining the insides of their jaws. They are equipped with massive tooth plates instead - which are highly effective for crushing and killing their prey, before sucking them and swallowing them whole.

In Key West, grouper have been documented as large as 500lbs. Those we catch on our Key West fishing charters usually weigh less than 100lbs. These strong fish are caught on both live and frozen bait and their hearty appetites are legendary (having fatally attacked people on occasion). We absolutely delight in dropping live pinfish over their heads because we can actually feel these extraordinary fish inhaling the bait.

The best time to catch grouper in Key West is during the springtime, even though we catch them throughout the year and close to shore. During April and May, grouper spawn in wrecks and coral reefs. Anglers travel there in large numbers to catch them during this time, and they catch the most spectacular of them in their breeding season.

Another reason for the popularity of grouper in Key West is their delicious taste. Their flaky white meat is served as an entree by many restaurants in the area. Our personal favorite is fried grouper fingers, but they are just as tasty when grilled or baked. Some of these restaurants in Key West will be thrilled to prepare your catch for you. Their set prices are cheaper than ordering off their menus and their expert chefs will turn your grouper into a real culinary treat.

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