Key West Dolphin Fishing

When it comes to catching fish, there is little more thrilling than catching dolphins in Key West. These colorful fish are among the most beautiful caught off the coast. Due to the fact that dolphins swim in schools, our Key West fishing charters often have three or four on our lines at the same time. Known to leap and jump out of the water like acrobats, our clients, captains and crews in Key West all delight in the spectacle of multiple dolphins performing their show of agility together.

Dolphins in Key West are also known as mahi-mahi and they are truly spectacular. Their bright yellow bellies are magnificently complimented by their blue and green fins. This makes them extremely easy to identify, along with their blunt-shaped heads and narrowing bodies that taper elegantly into their tails. The dolphins that we catch in Key West range in size between small and medium, weighing anywhere from 15lbs to 30lbs. If you catch a legal size mahi-mahi then you can take it home for dinner.

Our Key West fishing charters catch dolphins when trolling offshore, but we also catch them while kite fishing. Ballyhoo is our bait of choice, and birds are our sentinels. They are great indications that there are dolphins nearby. Mahi-mahis are found swimming near the weed lines and snacking on their favorite flying fish. In Key West, dolphin season begins in May and ends in October. You are welcome to contact us anytime for the latest dolphin fishing report in Key West.

You will have a strong advantage when dolphin fishing with us on our Key West fishing charters. We usually target them on our ¾ day or full day trips during season so that we can reaching their hunting grounds. Our captains and crews specialize in catching these fantastic fish. Their knowledge and expertise is continuously shared with every angler onboard and they will help you to catch dolphins in Key West.

There are many seafood restaurants in Key West that will be thrilled to turn your dolphin catch into a divine dinner. Their white meat is absolutely delicious and their chefs are experts at preparing them. We recommend dolphin in tacos.

Call us now to book your Key West Dolphin Fishing Charter and meet these beautiful fish.